Joining the Twin Family? Expert Tips Here

Joining the Twin Family? Expert Tips Here

While you welcome twins to your family, we welcome YOU to the family of parents of multiples! The team at Let Mommy Sleep has compiled a list of their best tricks and tips to make life with 2 newborns a little easier. We hope you enjoy Joining the Twin Family? Expert Tips Here!

Preparing for Twins: Our Favorite Registry Items

Most of the gear and items you need for twins will be the same as you’d need for a single baby…just doubled! But there are few things that will help make life easier specifically for multiples. We made a Baby Registry for Twins on Amazon with our favorite items and why we chose them. Here are our Top 5:

  1. Preemie Size Diapers – The average birth weight for twins is 5.1 pounds. So even if they’re not born premature, the babies will likely spend a week or more in preemie diapers, sized for babies weighing 6 pounds or less. While you’re at it, stock up on size 1 and 2 diapers, because going through 16- 20 diapers a day will be the norm for a while. The babies will eat every 2-3 hours at a time…that’s also a new diaper every 2-3 hours.
  2. Double Bassinet – Your twins will need a safe place to sleep and play when the rest of the family is in the kitchen or living areas of the home. This double bassinet/changing table/play yard/storage area provides everything the babies need, and you can move it around the house or travel with it if needed.
  3. Graco SnugRide Carseats – Graco is consistently rated at the top of Consumer Reports best car seats. This is reason enough to buy them. But what makes them perfect for twin parents is that they click into the DuoGlider double stroller AND a second Graco car seat base. This means that if someone else is driving your babies around, they put the extra base in their car and you only need to click the carseats into the base. It’s a LOT less work for parents…and a lot less to carry!
  4. Combo Onesies – Caring for newborn twins is hard but it’s FUN too! Splurge on all the cute combination onesies you want.
  5. Smoothie Pouches for YOU – You might have meals in the freezer but don’t forget healthy, quick snacks that you can eat with one hand!

Expert Tips from Baby Nurses & Night Nannies

How do you get twins on the same sleep schedule?

Getting the babies on the same schedule is much easier than expecting parents realize. Simply offer the breast or bottle to both babies at the same time. It won’t be perfect at first; babies are used to feeding on-demand in the womb and are still adjusting to the big world after being born. When we feed twins at the same time, their bodies will be ready for sleep at the same time.

If your baby spent time in the NICU you probably noticed that most of those preemies were on the same schedule.

Bonus Tip: Get 2 potties when it’s time to potty train! Since your kids will most likely be eating the same foods and sleeping at the same time it makes sense that they’ll need to use the restroom at the same time!

What if Baby B starts to cry while I’m trying to feed Baby A?

Life with more than one baby or toddler means that there will be times when one is crying while you’re helping the other.

You can minimize these tough times by ensuring that feeding and nap times happen at the same time. Learn tandem breastfeeding techniques before the babies arrive. If you’re bottle feeding, using a feeding chair or firm pillow to give both babies their bottles will become second nature. (It’s okay to use these when supervising babies, but they are not safe for infant sleep).

It’s okay to use a pillow for supervised play and feeding, but not okay for infant sleep.

What about sleeping? They’re used to being together so should twins sleep together?

The only safe sleep environment for babies up to age 1 is a flat, firm surface free of pillows, blankets, toys and anything else. The “anything else” in this case is their sibling! Our solution? A double bassinet like the one pictured above. Push the twins cribs close together so they are sleeping safely but can still hear, see and sense their sib.

Being close to each other is comforting to twins who spent their whole lives in close quarters up until birth, so by all means keep the babies together as much as they want during non-sleep times. Premature twins also help improve each other’s heart rates and breathing when they are close together.

Bonus Tip: Don’t worry about separating the twins in different rooms for sleep. They’ll easily sleep through each other’s fussing!

When the twins arrive, will I ever leave the house again?

Double Stroller – You absolutely will! Get that double stroller and don’t forget that the bottom of it is basically a shopping cart. Target, the grocery store, the mall…the world is yours! 🙂

Parents of Multiples Club – Join your local chapter of the Parents of Multiples before the babies arrive. These clubs are known for offering “been there, done that” expertise and fellowship. Once you’re getting out and about with your twins though, you’ll appreciate the opportunities for manageable outings and even adult get togethers. POM’s also usually have a wonderful list of babysitters with twins experience.

Sleep Support – Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention reaching out for overnight newborn care support. We are not meant to do any of this alone. Whether you need one night of respite or support over a longer period, we can help.

What are your tips? Let us know below!

Joining the Twin Family? Expert Tips Here

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