Since 2015, we have taught in person and online Newborn & Postpartum Care classes to individuals, groups and agencies such as Nanny Next Door. Our curriculum was written by a team of nurses and resoundingly passed a third party review of pediatricians.

From 2015 – 2021 our curriculum was awarded a local government contract and was taught in the Fairfax Co. (VA) Adult Education CNA program. The program ended after covid but the content is still used in pediatrician offices, the Inova Health System and the hundreds of homes where we care for newborns and their parents.

Parents: Click here to schedule a Baby Basics Class in your home, or Virtual Visit where you will learn:

  • Safe Sleep and minimizing SIDS risk
  • Diapering, dressing, giving baby a bath, soothe baby, how to swaddle
  • Feeding support; breastfeeding, pumping, formula and bottle feeding
  • Basic first aide and maintaining a safe home
  • Postpartum assessments of parents and baby
  • We answer all your questions!

Parents and Night Nannies: take our Sleep Training class where you will learn:

  • How exactly to prepare for success in sleeping through the night
  • Concrete steps to helping baby sleep through the night
  • Troubleshooting sleep issues
  • Understanding realistic goals

Night Nannies: Take our Newborn & Postpartum Class where you will learn:

  • Postpartum Care -mental and physical health
  • How to provide early feeding support
  • Early care of newborns
  • Soothing, swaddling, diapering
  • Safe sleep practices and more

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