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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Let Mommy Sleep?

Let Mommy Sleep is a team of Nurses (RN/LPN) and Newborn Care Providers (NCP) who have been caring for newborns and their parents since 2010. As a company dedicated to evidence-based education and the highest standards of vetting, health and safety, Let Mommy Sleep has become the Industry Leader in newborn and postpartum care. The Nurses and team members are often called upon to contribute to professional organizations and media articles of national interest.

The curriculum presented on this website was awarded a government contract to be taught in Virginia from 2015-2021. It was not renewed due to classes being cancelled after covid. It is required to be successfully completed by every care provider in the company with the exception of the Registered Nurses who work in Labor and Delivery. The material was vetted by a third-party team of nurses and pediatricians.

Let Mommy Sleep is the only newborn care franchise in America, currently with 12 locations across the country. All but one of the franchises are owned by Nurses and Healthcare Workers. The company is unfailingly dedicated to the highest health, safety, care and customer service standards.

Why do you teach these classes to night nannies and newborn caregivers? How are they different than others I’ve seen?

There’s no license required to care for a newborn.

Child care centers must be licensed as they care for 5 or more children at a time. If a newborn is medically fragile and in need of private skilled nursing care, insurance companies will require a licensed Nurse to provide this care. But for the care of 4 or fewer children, or families who wish to have night nanny care, there’s no oversight, license, accountability or meaningful certification. There’s simply no agreed upon standard for newborn care outside of a medical facility.

Lack of licensure is also the reason why it’s confusing to know what to call a helper. What’s the correct term for overnight help? Is it a baby nurse, a night nurse, a doula, newborn care provider, NCS, night nanny, regular nanny? Except for “Nurse” which is a protected title, there’s no accepted industry specific job title for what we do.

Because of all this we want to present only evidence-based education, adhering to transparency and continual updating of the material. It’s the best tool we have right now to ensure that our team members and others providing newborn care are using evidence-based safety and care standards when caring for people in the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Are these newborn care classes for expecting and new parents too?

Yes! We’ll come to your home to teach swaddling, diaper changing, basic safety and first aid and help you with nursery set-up. Postpartum visits within your first week home from the hospital are also available. It’s important that YOU get a check up too.

Rates for in-home classes are $100 per hour and we encourage you to invite grandparents, nannies and anyone else who might be caring for baby. Classes are typically around 90 minutes and we’ll continue to do virtual visits in 15 minute increments as new questions come up when baby arrives

Schedule a class or a postpartum visit now

Parents can always contact us for a promocode to take the online class for free.

Will I be “certified” after taking this class?

Yes. You will be certified by Let Mommy Sleep but it’s important to note that there’s no higher board of governance for non-clinical caregivers. There may be larger organizations that say they govern but this would mean that they have systems in place to hear complaints, take disciplinary action and if necessary remove one’s certification. This does not currently exist for unlicensed caregivers.

Nurses and clinical caregivers report to their state’s Board of Nursing because they hold a clinical license, but there is no Board for non-licensed individuals. So yes, successful completion of our classes means you have mastered the material, but unless you are also licensed, there is no governing body to oversee your professional behavior or hear and take action on potential complaints.

How can I sign up for a class?

You can take an online class anytime at

Parents and groups can contact us below to schedule a class.